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7. Carrot Shaped like an Alien Baby

Carrot Shaped like an Alien Baby

A green-fingered woman from Sussex got a surprise after pulling what appears to be a baby alien from her vegetable patch. Yvonne Darnell, 46, found the unusual shaped carrot while gardening at her home in Burgess Hill.

She said: "I couldn't believe it. It's so funny. I saw it and thought: 'It looks like an alien baby'. I've called it Kevin." The 2-ins long extraterrestrial vegetable features a head, complete with green shoots as hair, a body and two spindly legs.

As a well known acupuncturist, Yvonne has been dubbed 'The Baby Whisperer' for her ability to help women to conceive against medical odds. However, this is, no doubt, the most unusual baby she has ever had a hand in creating. source

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